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As the online world continues to evolve, you’ll want to be sure that you have a strong Internet presence. You already know that you have a great product or service; you just need to make sure that your target market gets the message that you’re open for business.
Making sure that your website stands out from the others in your niche requires that you take some drastic measures; otherwise, you will get lost in the online noise that makes up the bulk of the Internet world. How can you step up and make your virtual mark? Referlinks has some suggestions for you:
1. Be Controversial
In today’s current marketing climate, many companies are figuratively walking on “egg shells.” The general public can be very sensitive, which seems to make many companies stray away from any types of controversy or unpopular opinions. However, this tactic can also keep your company from growing.
If you have an opinion about a topic in your industry, speak up- bring it to everyone’s attention, and stick behind it. Don’t let the fear of being opinionated and “difficult to work with” deter you from taking the conversation at hand to a level that no one else has before. Everyone has an opinion, and it’s important to express yours – how you can back it up is what truly matters.
While your opinion may not make every single member of your audience happy, you are adding to the topic by providing a unique and fresh take on it. The appeal of following a company that figuratively “marches to the beat of their own drum” is huge, and can really capture the attention of even more people. Taking a calculated risk shows your audience that you’re not afraid to speak the truth.
Many years ago, the WWF (now WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment) publicly admitted that they stage their wrestling events. While this didn’t really surprise many, many figures in the industry predicted that business would collapse, since children were now fully aware that these supposedly competitive exhibitions are “fake.” However, business quickly boomed, and at this time, the company’s net worth is over $1 Billion. Those profits are far from fake!
By sticking to your beliefs and backing up your opinion with facts, you could turn out to be a leader in your industry!
2. A Picture Can Say A Thousand Words…Or In Today’s World, A GIF!
In today’s marketplace, hundreds of thousands of people can be aware of a new advertisement in mere minutes, thanks to the overwhelming prevalence of social media. When we’re scrolling down our Facebook time line, intriguing pictures and GIFs tend to take up most of the “real estate,” and are likely to be shared on more FB walls than any slogan ever could.
One of the reasons why is convenience. When we see an amusing meme or GIF, it can be funny in many different languages. It also takes mere clicks of your mouse to share them with your friends online, without having to take the effort of crafting a witty remark or sentence.
A Picture Can Say A Thousand Words...Or In Today’s World, A GIF!A company that has taken advantage of this brilliant marketing tactic is Dos Equis, a beer company that picked up steam years ago with their clever commercials that feature “the most interesting man in the world.” A popular meme used in social media constantly is one that features this character, which is an indirect “plug” for the Dos Equis brand.
Nike used a GIF to promote their Nike SB, which features a shoe seamlessly rotating in 360 degrees– a simple yet cool effect.
These examples show that you can take any product and find a way to build awareness with an online audience. It is possible- it just takes a fresh idea to get there.
3. Provide Them With Interactivity
If you want to create interest in your web content, you need to provide your audience with an experience. People browse the internet to learn about their favourite topics, but they also want to be entertained!
An online personality quiz can be a fun way to get their interest. People want to have fun when browsing the World Wide Web, and these quizzes pop up often on social media-based websites like Facebook.
Even a simple, interactive browser-based game can make your site a must-see prospect to potential customers. Creative marketing ideas like this can easily increase your chances of gaining a cult following!
4. Offer Something Of Unbelievable Value
Online consumers love the allure of a deal. Many scour the internet to search for gregarious deals that can save them a significant amount of money. Thanks to these tireless deal hunters, many businesses that offer consumers a great value are quickly recognized.
Even if it’s a temporary discount that lasts for just a week, make your online audience understand just how monumental this opportunity is for them. Ensure that you plaster the info about this promotion on your home page to establish it as a huge event!
A limited-time promotion can easily result in raised click-throughs to your home page, and boost the relevance of your brand.
5. Put Your Own Spin On A Current Topic
Put Your Own Spin On A Current Topic
What tends to grab our attention is a deviation from what we accept as “normal.” Let’s face it- back when you were just a kid in school trying to stay entertained, you couldn’t help but watch as a student flagrantly broke the rules, or tried to enforce their position as the “class clown.” For example, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Vogue cover elicited enough varied responses to make it controversial. The cover had the tag line ‘#WorldsMostFamousCouple’, which made some people warmly praise the famous couple, while others were quick to voice their displeasure. Either way, it didn’t take long for the public to respond to it. On the same day that this now-viral cover made waves in the media, a new Muppets movie was debuting in theatres.
In a stroke of marketing genius, a spoof of the infamous Vogue cover quickly showed up online that featured the stars of this new Muppets movie- Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. These veteran Muppets, embraced in the exact same pose and adorned in the exact same attire as ‘KimYe’, garnered many laughs and a heap of attention- their photo spread like wildfire on various social media outlets that same day.
This spoof became a brilliant marketing tactic for both the new Muppets movie, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Vogue. The spoof was light-hearted, it’s hilarious, and the audience can easily understand it- isn’t that what marketing is all about?

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