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Only a decade ago the only way most people viewed the internet was through the monitor attached to their laptop or desktop PC.  Since then that paradigm has shifted dramatically to devices held in hands such as tablets and, particularly, smartphones.  The first attempts to address the shift were inelegant – mostly involving creation of mobile sites that were awkward and had less capability then their siblings more suited to larger screens.  However, responsive design began to achieve popularity, allowing a website to respond to the needs of the device viewing it.
More Eyes at a Lower Cost
Whether viewed on a smartphone, tablet, or full-sized PC, a website with responsive design could provide all the same content and capability with a user interface optimized to each device.  This provides ample benefits for the website owner.  Most importantly it means a multi-device user can now see what service or product you might be offering at their leisure and in any circumstance they might wish, whether watching TV on the couch or taking the train home.  This ease of access leads to demonstrably better conversion rates.
Responsive design is also cost-effective requiring no additional design know-how once the initial website is set up – the site will adapt as necessary to showcase your content in the best possible way.  That also means that instead of worrying about design issues you can concentrate on putting up the most persuasive pitches and most compelling information to help you nail down a sale.
Optimizing for the Future
Additionally your site will be future-proofed against changes to devices as whatever new technology that comes out will likely adhere to current design standards.  Search engine optimization will also be improved as Google has long since advised for responsive design and as of April 21st 2015 began rewarding sites built for multi-device support with higher rankings – effectively punishing those that are not.
Responsive design matters because it gets to as many customers as possible through as many avenues as possible and it does so in a way where design is clear and content remains central.  If you need help building a website with responsive design we can help.  Contact ReferLinks FCM today.

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