Why Professionally Designed Social Media Graphics are Important

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Social media evolves quickly, as what’s popular one second becomes forgotten the next, and then revived months later.  When marketing your business you need to be able to cut through the noise and create a framework through which you can not only reach potential clients but turn them into paying ones and burnish your brand at the same time.  The first step to building that framework is getting eyes on your social media presence – and that means you need graphics.
Graphics Draw Eyes – Good Graphics Draw Interest
Amateur graphics are easy to spot – they’re the ugly ones.  Remember that everything you put out that’s associated with your name either strengthens or weakens your brand.  The stronger the brand the more likely it is to bring in those paying customers so why put up with bad work?  You shouldn’t.  Professional quality graphics will use proper marketing and aesthetic design principles that will get people willing to engage with your business.
Images are Fast
Information comes so fast that walls of text are often passed over.  Through sites like Facebook and apps like Instagram pictures have become the new communication shorthand.  People will swipe through each picture as they move onto the next one and your picture better be great for them to stop and see what it’s about.  Pictures should be striking and any text should be readable and compelling – in other words, they should be professionally designed.
Graphics and Content Make a Powerful Combination
Once people are on your social media site you should hit them with the one-two punch of terrific imagery and persuasive text content.  Together they can provide the marketing boost your company needs to compete across social media platforms.
Getting information in front of people is only the first step of wooing them.  They need to get the right feeling about your business and that starts at the very first impression – the very first words and the very first image.  Don’t let your online presence suffer because of the insufficient quality of your marketing content.  Get the professional assistance you need to make the best impression – first or otherwise – that you can.  Remember, if you need professional help with images, or with navigating the ever-changing intricacies of the internet and social media you should call in the experts.  ReferLinks FCM stands ready to help.  Contact us today.

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