Why Localizing Your Social Media Posts is a Brilliant Idea

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Localization is a term that all marketers hear and use all the time. Marketers and businesses alike know its relevance in making brands stand out. With the focus content marketing is getting, together with the phenomenon that is social media, more than ever, localization is getting more and more important.
As you try to bring your brand to a bigger world and a wider audience, adapting to cultures, languages, and demands is crucial in reaching high levels of engagement.
Localization does not have to be too complicated. Sometimes all it takes is to translate your content into various languages! Of course, the extent depends on how localized you want your brand to be. We should not forget that budget, too, is a big factor.
Because of the cultural differences around the country, let alone the whole world, localization is possibly your best option if you are trying to expand your market.
Among the many types of localization you could do, focusing on your social media can really pay off.
Before you do so, however, you should know who you have to reach out to and just exactly know what they want to hear. You can use a localization service to know your target market, as well as the cultural, linguistic, and demographic considerations that go with this market. Find out how they use social media, what their purchase behaviour is like, and how they are influenced by local economy and other factors.
You can use your social media to amplify the reach of your localized communications strategy. Everything that is in your website, branding, product manuals, packaging, videos, images, and more need to be localized first before you do this. Only when it is done can you integrate your social media into the whole mix.
According to studies, Facebook’s local pages gain more interactions than global ones. Perhaps it is because of more local and therefore more relevant content, local pages are about three to five times more engaging. You will notice that brands with local pages have a lot of wall activities, too.
Social media’s relevance in local marketing is also evident in the upsurge of various localized features of the most famous platforms, too. For instance, local businesses get discovered by the “Nearby” feature, especially when they are recommended by a number of users. Twitter allows brands to do geo-target tweets to particular countries using a great application.
The relevance of localizing social media can no longer be ignored. And if you do not want to drown in the sea of brands all wanting to create big waves online, then you better start going local with your posts, too!

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