Where Do You Put Your Videos? Facebook or YouTube?

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You did the research, planned out the script, got your act(ors) together and waited patiently for the final cut.
Maybe it’s the first in a series, or just a one-off video that started from a stroke of inspirational genius. Either way, after you’ve put in the work to create a video, you want it seen by everyone. Literally.
There are some obvious places you want your video to go, namely your website. When it comes to publishing your video on Facebook vs. YouTube, you might want to think twice about using a “spray and pray” approach.
Before picking a social network to post your video, think about:

  1. The Content

Very technical or specialized content, for example, may be more suited on YouTube if there’s a large community searching for that type of video. Examples could be videos on front-end web development or taxidermy. If you have a strong Group following on Facebook, the video would probably be more suited to posting directly to the group itself or on your Page.

  1. Your Audience

Where are your followers currently consuming your content? If most of them are on one platform as opposed to the other, it might be worth it to post to that network first. (But not totally leave the other network out of consideration.)

  1. Your Purpose

Maybe the purpose of your video is to introduce you and your business to a completely new audience. If this is the case, you’ll want to find a network that’s most popular for that audience, which will be different than what you’re used to. And it might be different than the social networks you’re used to using.

  1. The Big Picture

If this video is part of a series, you probably already have an idea of where it’s going to be posted and how. But if this video is the start of a completely new series, deciding where to post it first is an important decision because that sets the expectation for your audience. Series posts do really well on YouTube, and even if your audience is mostly on Facebook, using YouTube as a primary platform to publish a series of videos can make sense.
For years, YouTube was considered the primary platform for publishing videos online. But with Facebook’s new focus on keeping users logged in and scrolling, the company has developed some unique ways of publishing and sharing content that YouTube can’t match.
Generally, videos more focused on a niche community could perform better on Facebook than on YouTube if you already have a growing Fan Page and active followers.
Videos that are broader in scope may perform better on YouTube, even though the platform offers options to publish private or hide videos, YouTube is known for being the place to go to see the video ‘everyone is watching’.
Bottom line, in many cases, posting to both Facebook and YouTube makes sense, despite the slightly annoying way Facebook treats videos posted on YouTube vs. videos posted directly to the platform.
For your strategy, think about which platform should have your video first, and how you’ll want it published to the other platform — it will probably make it from one to the other one eventually!

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