What Your Small Business Can Do To Get Noticed Online

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Competition for share of voice online is fierce. Small business owners looking to get noticed have to battle with not just direct competitors, but everyone else who’s pushing their latest video, yelling on message boards and posting by-the-minute pictures and links on social media. And all while actually handling their business.
For most small business owners, handling all of this can be daunting. The opportunity, however, is in getting more bang for your buck. With a relatively small budget, you can get access to global online marketing teams who can help you define your target audience, develop an online marketing strategy and publish tailored, strategic content that gets you noticed.
The best online strategies are comprehensive: your website, SEO, online and social media marketing should never be done “on their own”. Everything is connected, and your strategy should reflect that.
Here are the essential things you can do to make sure your business is front-of-mind when it comes to your audience:
Have a Great Website. It all starts here. What you do for your business online will always and forever point back to your website. Having a professionally designed and built website is essential for every small business, regardless of how small. Your company site should be fully responsive, scalable to handle your needs overtime, and act as a central base for your brand.
Optimize your site for search engines. Once you’ve got that site up online, how is your audience going to find it? Through Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Arguably, this is an essential part of site design. Working with an online marketing partner like ReferLinks Full Circle Marketing is one way to make sure that the keywords and targeted messages for your audience are consistent with how your website is built and designed.
Be found where your audience is. It’s great if you’re able to build a website that’s targeted for your audience, but it’s not so great if your ideal buyer goes to their favourite social media network and forgets all about you while they’re there. On social media, you have the opportunity to gauge conversations relevant to your audience and add your voice in places where they’re paying attention.
Blog and blog often. Take a page from our own book. Maintaining a blog is part social media strategy, part search engine optimization. With the right research into your buyer personas (or target audience), you can find information on what they’re searching for. This is your key to finding out what you should be blogging about and building a blog strategy that gets you noticed online. Another part of that strategy? Sharing what you publish on targeted social media platforms.
Keep in touch with your people. Email marketing has made a bit of a comeback over the last few years. But with more email marketing automation (“Hello Firstname Lastname”) comes the Deleters: people who enthusiastically signed up for an email list only to delete it a week later after they get the first message. At the very least, people who get your email will have visited your website, seen your updates on social media and / or checked out your blog. In marketing speak, they’re making their way down the funnel and are that much closer to making the purchase. But this means your email marketing strategy needs to be a strong one.
Show them who you really are with video. It’s easy to neglect this one. The idea of creating a video can seem daunting. But as part of your overall online marketing strategy, and by working with the right partner, it doesn’t need to be. With online video overtaking traditional television, having video on your website, blog and posting your video on social media is a nearly foolproof way to get noticed online.
Finding one online marketing company that can help you develop and execute your strategy is probably more difficult than creating the strategy itself. If you’re in the market to find a partner, make sure they can offer more than site design or SEO. You want a company that is as comprehensive as you want your strategy to be, and can help you optimize and design your site, build your social media profile and offer help when you’re ready to tackle the advanced stuff like video marketing or pay per click advertising.

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