What You’ll Learn from Viral Blog Posts

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Only in the marketing world is the word ‘viral’ embraced and hoped for. Why not? Just one ‘viral’ blog post can automatically make your website known and your business brand would create such a buzz that it could overwhelm you.
What do these viral blog posts teach us? We have looked at some of the posts that had gone viral to give you some takeaways that could help boost business websites:

  1. Personal accounts of experiences make blogs interesting to read. Why? First, writing in the first person and relating everyday stories lends authenticity to your brand. Honest narratives are always preferred by readers, compared to facts that are just stated in a straightforward manner. Readers like it when they see something that is relatable.


  1. Positive content usually means positive results. People love reading articles that could help them live a happier and fuller life. There is always a demand for blogs with practical advices that could help readers deal with specific situations in their lives or those that help them improve their skills like simple hacks and quick fixes.


  1. Headlines matter – in a big way. Readers won’t click unless they’re intrigued – no matter how good the content is. Contradicting the positive content, readers pause at the sight of the word ‘stop’ in a headline. Apparently, making readers wonder if they are doing something wrong is much more effective and more believable than using positive superlatives.


  1. Numbers count. Yes. This is one of those rare times that people actually prefer numbers. Apparently, when you add numbers to your headline and make your post a ‘list’, it gets clicked more and people would actually go through the whole article. More readers will read “50 Ways You are Hurting Your Business” than a long blog with big chunks of paragraphs that majority of readers seem to avoid.


  1. Make the most of recent buzzing news. Who wouldn’t want to know more about the hottest news and biggest events? You could capitalize on these events and relate their stories to your own niche. You can incorporate lessons and opinions in your blog post as well.

The good thing about viral blog posts (when they are not yours) is that at the very least, we get to learn important things, like the ones we have listed down for you. These helpful tips could help make your projects more effective in the future.
How about you? Have you noticed other common denominators among the most viral blog posts?

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