What Types of Video are Effective for Marketing?

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By now you probably know that putting up posters and giving out flyers are not as effective for promoting your business as they used to be. Yes, you might be thinking, it’s all about writing and posting excellent content on a blog today. But what if you learn that even that is not enough anymore?
A few years back, blog posts that are filled with keywords are more than enough to land you a sweet spot in Google search result rankings and deliver you more leads than you can handle. But that’s just not how it is today.
In these modern marketing times, one must not rely solely on the words that you have on your web pages (although they are extremely important, too!). Studies have shown that about 65% of all people are visual learners. So while high-quality, relevant articles can greatly help in bringing in leads, it wouldn’t hurt to incorporate videos into your marketing strategies as well.
But what types of videos are best for marketing? Here are our top picks:
Explainer Videos
As the name implies, the main point of having explainer videos is to provide useful information to viewers. This could be an explanation of how to use products, a walk-through of certain procedures, some helpful tips, and more. If your business is about providing home services, for instance, you can do a DIY quick fix for some common problems that many homeowners would find really helpful. Explainer videos can help establish your expertise in the industry, too.
Product Reviews and Testimonials
The best way to promote your products or services is by actually showing them in action and having real people talk about them. Most consumers are more confident in buying a product when there’s a product review video that they can watch. It’s a good idea to review not just your own products but other brands that your customers can find useful as well. Doing so can help build your viewer’s trust in you.
Brand Videos
While it is nice to read about a company’s history, consumers would love to be able to put a face or faces behind a brand that they are considering. your brand video is a great way to tell your story and introduce your products or services to the world. Another fun way to do a brand video is through animation that can create a lasting impression on your prospects.
Posting informative and entertaining video content regularly should be a part of your marketing efforts. You can create a short series that your customers can look forward to every week or every month. Of course, your videos should be shareable, too!
If your website still doesn’t have any video content, it’s time that you seriously consider having your first one real soon! Let ReferLinks Online Marketing create a great one for you! Give us a call and we’ll discuss how our experts can help you!

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