What to Do When Your Leads Have Plateaued

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Your leads have hit a plateau. It’s not just you. Believe us, it happens even to the best of businesses. Everything is going really, and the leads are just flowing in like wave after wave and your sales are off the roof… until everything seems to hit a wall. Your business growth is stunted and nothing seems to work.
There are a number of possible reasons for this plateau, but for now, let’s focus on the most common ones and what you can do about it.
Your Website Looks Amateur
You might be thinking – “My website helped my business grow, that’s not the problem!” But believe us, it could also be the reason your leads have plateaued. See, the factors that have made your website rank five years or even a year ago may not be effective anymore. Technology constantly advances and the expectations of the consumers change with it.
Five years ago, you can get away with a cheap website but that can lead to your downfall in 2018.  In fact, 48% of people say that web design is the number one factor they consider when they are determining the credibility of a business. If you want to succeed today, you need a website that would please today’s consumers. It should be secure, fast, and most importantly – mobile-friendly. Of course, it should also be optimized for SEO.
Your Competitors are Overtaking
In digital marketing, you can’t get too comfortable with your study and leave it on “autopilot”. It wouldn’t work. You have to recalibrate every once in a while and adapt to the changes of important external factors such as the algorithm updates done by Google. It’s possible that while you are taking a nap, your competitors have tweaked their SEO techniques. You should always check Google ranking factors and make changes accordingly.
You Couldn’t Adapt to the Ever-Changing Industry Landscape
Were you among the last companies to invest in SEO? Do you forget to update your website to meet the needs of both your consumers and the search engines? Consumers these days demand immediate information when and how they want it. That means you should optimize your website to be ready to give them what they need. Knowing your target audience is important if you want to be able to effectively market to them.
Here are some quick fixes for when your leads have plateaued:
* Perform a competitive analysis to recalibrate your online presence.
* Try other digital marketing channels.
* Work on boosting your online presence on your website and outside of it.
* If possible, offer incentives to get conversions
Do all these sound overwhelming? It can be – but not when you have the right team helping you out. Contact ReferLinks Online Marketing today. We can be what you need to finally get past that plateau!

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