What Role Does Link Building Play for SEO?

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A backlink is among the most important factors that search engines consider when ranking websites. There are marketers who claim that link building is dead, but that is so far from the truth.  In fact, focusing on building backlinks can help improve your Google ranking.
According to recent statistics, there are more than 1.2 billion websites on the internet today. That means there are thousands if not millions of websites competing for specific keywords on major search engines.
What role does link building play?
There was a time when article directories were quite popular. Websites used to post inferior articles on those websites to get links back to their own sites. While there are still article directories around, they are not as popular as they were years ago.
Back then, search engines were not as smart as they are today. It wasn’t all that hard for those practicing black hat SEO to have their websites on the first page of Google’s results page using keyword stuffing and link farms.
Now, Google and other search engines are much smarter. Keyword stuffing and having specific key phrases on a website is not enough to rank high Getting links from irrelevant sites are also useless. It can even be damaging to your site profile when Google penalizes you.
Link Quality is Important
It’s quality over quantity. That’s why you should focus on your back link’s quality instead of how many backlinks you’ve got. Just one link from a quality site is so much better than a number of links from websites that are irrelevant.
Link Building Revolves Around the Quality of the Content
As you know, the business of search engines largely depends on the quality of the results they give for searches made. Naturally, Google wouldn’t let low-quality and irrelevant sites to rank high on their first page. They are now working on giving those with quality content a push to the top.
Link Value Determines Link Quality
Google determines link quality by looking at the kind and quality of traffic that certain links are driving to your website. What does that mean? If any relevant website visitors find their way to your site via the link, it is considered a quality link. Low-quality links can result in a higher bounce rate and can hurt the ranking of your site on Google and other search engines.
Search engines are always altering their algorithms and a lot of websites have suffered from the changes they implement. A recent study shows that about 51% of the traffic on the website is organic.
You must always be updated when it comes to SEO and the latest trends because, without SEO, there is a very slim chance of your website gaining enough traffic. It is important that you are in tune with the trends so that your website keeps its rank for relevant keywords in your industry. ReferLinks Online Marketing can help you with all that. Let’s talk about how we can help your website get to that coveted first page of search results!

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