What Does It Take To Be on Social Media?

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When you ask yourself the question “What does it take to be on social media?” we all know you are actually silently screaming – Let my presence be known! Please!!! That’s an assumption, because well, you know it’s pretty easy to setup a social media account. The real challenge is how to catch the attention of your market once you’re onboard. You need to achieve a significant reach and if possible, influence, in your particular industry.
So what does it really take to be ON social media?
Set Goals and Achieve Them
Before you do anything else, first you have to get some goals set. For this particular use, they should be short-termed, feasible, and specific. You need to set a strict deadline for your goals, too. For example, if you create a video for your social media channels, set a goal such as ‘Get 100 shares in 10 days.’ This way, you know what you are working towards and until when.
Be Clear About Your Audience
Think: who are you really trying to reach? Remember that social media is a melting pot of all cultures, ages, and genders. It will be a little difficult to get the attention and approval of a certain demographic if you are not sure which audience you’re targeting. You might end up creating vague and uninteresting posts that appeal to no one. Of course, being able to identify your audience means you’ll know which sites you should be active on, when you should post, what content to publish and how.
Have a Personality
Another mistake some people make is being too ‘corporate’. You do not want to have the personality of a paperweight. Consumers want more than that! They are looking for transparency. They need to know that there is a face or there are faces behind the name your business carries.
They are called social media for a reason, right? If you want to make it on social media, take time to interact with your customers and other people in the industry. Build a relationship to gain loyalty. You do not just want followers, you want engaged followers! These are the ones who will like and share, retweet and +1 your posts. When you have built a strong relationship with your customers, you’ll find that they do the reaching for you, too.
No Automated Responses, Please
Your audience wants human interaction. Automated responses sound both robotic and insincere, making consumers feel like you are not paying them any attention, which is the worst thing you can make a customer feel. Find time to reply to comments, address concerns personally, and thank friends and followers for the love they’re showing!
Once you do all these, for sure, you’ll soon notice the difference. And you can finally tell yourself, “I am ON social media!” We know. You’re welcome!

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