What Do Millennials Think of Advertising?

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Years ago, back when things were much easier to understand, marketing logic was simpler, too. You want the attention of younger customers? Give them more advertisements and they’ll happily do what you intend for them to do. Unfortunately, those days of simple marketing are long gone. Now, it seems like reaching out to a younger audience demands a much more creative approach with well thought ideas shown through a heartfelt delivery.
Millennials now are the target of many companies who want to build deep, personal, and long-term loyalty from them. While the goal is clear, the problem is how to achieve it. Everybody wants their attention, approval, and of course, their money. Among the many strategies used, one that seems to be successful with this generation is: content marketing.
The key is creating the right message to send at a right time through the right channels. Because millennials are easier to find online than anywhere else, it is therefore understandable that they also prefer to be reached through this channel.
It is not that simple, though. Millennials know when brands are trying to sell them something. They also know when companies are treating them en masse and they do not respond well to that. They want attention to be given to them individually. They want to feel valued. Studies show that about 64% of millennials surveyed reported that they respond more to a branding that is tailored to their culture.
This need to personalize content seems to be a little overwhelming to some marketers. Is it possible to create a unique brand experience for each significant market group? It is, and it is worth it. If you create content that viewers relate to, they share it.
A third of the surveyed millennials say they are more likely to purchase a product if the approach is not an obvious sell. They want authenticity. They want a deep reason to support your brand and buy your products.
So what about advertisements? What do they think of advertisements? They don’t. They care not for ads. They might take a quick look at some billboards and sing along to some jingles but ultimately, whether they want to buy from you or not depends on how your content makes them feel about what you offer. They do not want scripts. They want stories. They want experiences.

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