What Colour Can Do for Your Website

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It is no secret that colours can greatly influence our state of mind. In business, way before the internet and websites even existed, entrepreneurs had recognized and acknowledge the contribution of colours to the success of their brands – through colour schemes used in their physical stores, their billboards, print ads, and other marketing materials.
It is therefore no surprise that when it comes to websites, designers make use of colour psychology to better engage visitors and achieve their ultimate goal. Whether or not a visitor is aware, his or her decision to keep browsing or to leave the site immediately has a lot to do with the colours and how they are used as a visual element.
How can you use colours to your advantage then? What can they do for you and your potential clients?

  1. They can flag up sales and promos! Red is most often used for this purpose, and it is not surprising as this colour catches the eye. You would want to direct a visitor’s sight to something that would encourage him to stay, browse, and eventually purchase.


  1. They can be used for contrast and clarity. Using bold colours allow users to follow instructions easily without feeling anxious about making a mistake.


  1. They can be used to highlight important features, services, or products. In a monochromatic page, it is very easy to miss something that is actually important. Making use of colours like green and red would let visitors know that they should pay attention to that particular part of your website.


  1. They can direct your visitors to your ‘call to action’ button. Have you noticed how most sites dedicated to online shopping maximize white space with one coloured button standing out? Of course we are talking about that button that says, “Add to Cart”.


  1. They can give your website and your business as a whole a character of its own. Blue is often associated with trustworthiness and freedom. Red imbibes passion and excitement. Green reflects health and everything natural. Black stands for class and elegance. These colours, as well as the others, can lend your website the look or the personality that you want it to have.

Choosing the colours that you use for your website should not only depend on whether you prefer that or not. Always be mindful of how they work to give your business the most positive image it can possibly elicit. Let beautiful shades liven up your pages and more importantly, play the part that they are meant to do – attract and convince customers!

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