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What Best Remodeling Websites Have in Common?

What Best Remodeling Websites Have in Common?

If you are like most remodelers out there, maintaining your website is probably not one of the things that you are not confident about. Perhaps you do not even have the time to deal with it all. You need to take care of a lot of things – you do your best to keep your clients happy, you manage your employees, make sure your business is doing well and you don’t know how you are going to squeeze in worrying about your website.
However, you cannot deny the fact that your website is among your most important marketing tools. But just how important is keeping your website in the best shape possible? Just think about it: about 93% of online experiences begin with a search and if your website cannot be found, that is not going to be good for your business.
Make sure that your website is not only found by search engines but is also effective enough to convert guests into delighted customers and loyal fans. Check if it has the key components it needs to succeed!
Excellent Design
Your business is remodeling. People will expect amazing aesthetics from you. After all, your industry is about appearance and style. It would be ironic (and quite disappointing) if a remodeling company that is high-end and modern has a dull and outdated website. Your website should have a brand-consistent color scheme, beautiful images, fonts that are highly readable, and with a layout that is easy to navigate.
Now more than ever, it is crucial for a remodeler’s website to be mobile. People are always busy and on the go and many of your prospective clients may be searching for a remodeling company while they are waiting in a line at a restaurant or on their way home from work. You want to be sure that the icons in your website can be easily tapped with a finger, that navigation is seamless, and that everything can be read with no problem. Note that user experience is not the sole reason you should design your website for mobile use. Google, as well as other search engines,  do expect it from you.
Did you know that the average internet user abandons a webpage when it takes more than three seconds to load? That’s true. So your website design has to be extremely optimized, what with all the components that could take longer to load. It has to be really fast not only for your visitors but also for search engines that factor in speed when they rank websites. You want to be faster than your competitors so you will get more search traffic.
These days we usually hear about online security hacks and data breach. You don’t want to deal with that kind of problem. Security is a big deal to consumers now more than ever. Websites that are secure are more likely to attract more clients online than those that are red-flagged as lacking security or even dangerous.
Packed With Amazing Content
All great remodeling websites have great content. They have well-written blogs that help them rank well in the organic search results and puts them in a position of authority in the industry. They also have awesome videos and images that captivate everyone who visits their website.
As a remodeling company owner, you want to be sure that your website is a reflection of your business. So rebuild your website. Give it a new look and fresh content to get more traffic and ultimately, more sales. We at ReferLinks Online Marketing can help make that happen! Let’s talk!

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