Web Design 2015: What Trends Are About To Break Through For Websites That You MUST Be Aware Of

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Web design is a constantly evolving media, and Internet users are constantly on the lookout for the latest and the best online experiences. If your site is due for an upgrade, here are some trends that are about to break through that you must be aware of; you will want to evaluate whether some (or all) of them are a good fit for your business.

  • Flat Design

Before 2013, web designers used a graphic technique called realism which included shadows, bevels and gradients. In that year, designers devised a new technique called flat design. It removes almost all of the extras in stylization to the graphics and has a very modern feel. Solid and vibrant colours are used against bold, blended palettes with this design style.

  • Responsive Design

Mobile users are set to become the majority of website viewers. Responsive design and development gives websites scalability so that it can be viewed easily on desktop computers and mobile devices without sacrificing functions.

  • Specialized Fonts

Specialized fonts will become more commonplace, as they have become easier use with all browsers. Web designers can match fonts to brand messaging without having to be as concerned about a misrepresentation on different browsers and devices.

  • Full-Screen Images

High-definition images will be considered a must-have for websites in 2015. Quality is all-important, and text will be layered over a compelling image to get a customer or client’s attention.
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