If Video Is the Internet's Future, Here's What You Should Know

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No one can underestimate the great power online videos enjoy now. Its importance has been predicted in 2006 when Google acquired YouTube. Now a lot has changed. Videos, too, have evolved. Are they still going to be the future of internet? Most probably. If that is the case, here’s what businesses need to know and understand:
Video is Permeating Non-Video Platforms
A big proof that supports the idea that video is the future of the internet is how it seems to finds its way into most online services like social media that did not start out focusing on videos like YouTube. For one, Instagram is known mainly as a photo sharing app but since announcing their one minute video limit, their viewing time increased by over 40% in a span of six months. While it still stays true to its roots, Instagram now acknowledges how video is continuously growing to be a part of their content.
Even Facebook itself, is among the biggest platforms for video sharing. It’s even predicted that the social media would be “all video” in the next five years or so.
Live Video Might Be Here to Stay
If you haven’t noticed live videos have been a trend recently and big brands, including Facebook has invested heavily on them – and it has been paying off.  Apparently, Live videos result to ten times more comments compared to pre-recorded ones.
Mobile is Not a Hindrance
There are still some skeptics about the potential of videos and among the many reasons is that they are concerned about mobile performance, data utilization and bandwidth.
However, the continuous innovations in mobile technology, as well as a much reduced data cost mean mobile usage is not going to be a hindrance to the growth of online videos. How can one think that mobile is going to be a concern when Facebook said their users watch about 100m hours of video daily on their mobile devices?
New Technologies Will Give Way to More Original Video Content
Virtual reality, as well as other new technologies would provide big opportunities for businesses to make compelling videos for their brands with original content.
It should be expected, though, that these technologies would be quite pricey (pro Virtual Reality cameras for example cost thousands of dollars) but there are other more economical ways to take advantage of this. Drones, for one do not require a humongous amount of budget for them to provide you with videos that are beyond captivating. In fact, a lot of small businesses and new brands turn to drones to create videos that can rack up millions of views on YouTube.
We are continuously tapping into video’s potential as we slowly orient ourselves that it will be, indeed, what we have to majorly work with in the future. And anyone who tries to deny it, would find themselves behind in the game.

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