Using analytics to your advantage

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Putting together a business online can be a daunting experience and one that’s full of many Using Analyticspratfalls unless you know all about using analytics to your advantage.  It’s important to know how your marketing techniques are working and have useful statistics about the people that are visiting your website.
One of the most important statistics for any small business is the number of visitors they get. When you find the right analytics tool, you’ll be able to find specific details like page views so you can determine which areas of your website are attracting the most attention. Knowing the number of people visiting is a good starting point to judge the success of your present efforts in marketing, content and web design.
Using analytics to your advantage also means finding out where the visitors to your website originate. Bolstered with these important statistics, successful website entrepreneurs can gear fresh content toward the niche markets from where the traffic is coming.
Wondering if specific parts of your website are doing their jobs properly? Using analytics allows you to check features like the bounce rate. If you’re getting big bounce rates, visitors aren’t being captivated by your landing page and you need to make some adjustments to get more business.

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