How to Use Social Media to Grow your Business

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In today’s business climate, you need to have a social media presence with regular activity on your pages to stay competitive. It’s an important part of your overall marketing strategy to attract prospects and create brand loyalty through a sense of community with your customers.
There is no question that people are already connecting through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. They present you with an opportunity to connect with your existing customer base, as well as prospects, and communicate with your network on a regular basis.
Content Sharing
One of the benefits of social media is that it gives you multiple opportunities for sharing your content. Placing share buttons on your blog makes it easy for visitors to like, tweet and share posts that they find interesting with other Internet users. Once the content is on social media sites, it can be shared with other users. If your content is popular enough, it may even go viral and get large numbers of hits, which would boost traffic to your website or blog (and ultimately increase sales).
Respond to Customers
Social media sites give you a wonderful opportunity to respond to customers’ questions and concerns promptly. They are free to ask questions or bring concerns to your attention quickly and informally. If you gain a reputation for responding promptly and fairly, it will benefit you as company that cares about customer service.
Create a Sense of Community
Invite connections to join your Facebook or LinkedIn group and manage it carefully to ensure that people are made to feel welcome. Set up clear rules from the beginning and make sure that they are enforced fairly and evenly.
It will take time to build relationships with your customers and prospects, and to create a sense of loyalty. They need to be nurtured over time. Your efforts will pay off when you have an active community that is participating in discussions regularly.
Prospects are more likely to buy from your business if they feel connected to it. Your social media marketing campaign will take time to grow and develop, but the effort will be worthwhile if you take the time to nurture it.

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