How to Use Google Adwords to Find High Value Search Terms

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Finding anything online starts with users typing words into a search box. The art and science of determining the right words to guide Internet users to your website involves careful skill, which is why keyword research is so important for your business. You need to rank well for the right keywords – they can help to drive qualified prospects to your site who are ready to buy from you.
Google Adwords Helps You Find High Value Search Terms
How to Use Google Adwords to Find High Value Search TermsGoogle Adwords subscribers can benefit from a keyword tool and a traffic estimator in one to plan their search campaigns more effectively. Keyword Tool is no longer available as a standalone feature. Keyword Planner is used for the following functions:

  • Find new keyword and ad group ideas
  • Get performance estimates to determine a bid and budget that is right for your business
  • Add the keywords to your campaigns

Use Keyword Planner to Find Keywords for Your Business
Once your sign in to your Adwords account, simply click the Tools and Analysis drop-down menu. Select “Keyword Planner.” The anonymous keyword tool is not available, but Keyword Planner can be used to generate ideas.
Keyword Planner only provides historical statistics for exact match. To decide which match type to use, the first step is to add the keyword type to your plan. Next, review the traffic estimates for each match type. This step will help you to get an accurate estimate of how much traffic you should be able to expect with different match types.
There will be a large amount of overlap between broad and phrase match keywords. Keep in mind that the search volume statistic in Keyword Tool did not take it into account.
The Keyword Planner does not allow site owners to specifically target mobile devices. It shows results for all devices, which includes tablets and mobile phones. Keyword Planner does provide the average monthly searches for a particular country, region or a particular city.
This feature will help you find keyword phrases for local searches. If you want to rank highly on search engines, you will want to include these types of terms to attract Internet users who are looking for products and services close to where they live.

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