Understanding the Conversion Pathway

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When discussing e-commerce the term ‘conversion’ means a visitor to your website has taken an action that you wished them to take.  That action can come in any number of ways including making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, calling your office, requesting a quote, or any number of other possibilities.  Conversion is crucial for creating leads and sales and that’s why understanding the steps that get the user to that point is absolutely critical for any business with a web presence.  Here are the major milestones along the conversion pathway.
Gain Awareness
The first step is to make the visitor aware of your brand and your general offerings.  If they’ve arrived at your website they probably have some idea of what you do since websites are rarely come upon by chance.  This is why search engine optimization, social media, and other traffic drivers are so important to websites – to give them the opportunity to make a first impression.
Build Interest
The next step is to build interest.  This can be done in a number of ways through content that is useful or otherwise beneficial to your visitors.  Items that can educate in an interesting way, such as blogs, can build interest in your brand in general or your products or services in particular.  This is often a longer step and may require multiple visits as, depending on your product, they may wish to build knowledge further before advancing down the pathway.
Stoke Desire
Once you have their interest you can move to the next step – getting them to want what you have.  Blogs can be helpful with this as well as can well-written information and compelling pictures of the products you have on offer.  More traditional means such as customer testimonials or deep discounts can spur more desire as well.
Call to Action
This is the final step before conversion – the last push before they commit.  It can be as simple as a button saying “Act Now” or a simple request like, “Start by Choosing a Colour.”  If their desire is strong all they’ll need is the suggestion to act and they’ll do it.
The conversion pathway is simple to understand but it is by no means easy to implement in a way that works consistently.  For that you’ll need expert help like the experienced professionals at ReferLinks FCM.  Contact us today.

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