Twitter's New Web Profiles: What's Different?

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Twitter's New Web Profiles: What's Different?Do you have a new web profile on your Twitter account? Recently, this social networking giant has provided users with the option to revamp their account with a new web profile. This significant restyling is a fresh update for Tweeters, and has several noticeable benefits. Many users are comparing the layout of these new web profiles to Facebook profiles, and that’s a good thing. After all, in order to keep yourself relevant, it’s important to take constructive criticism and keep your company evolving. At this time, we’re going to look at some of the biggest changes in Twitter’s new web profiles.
Twitter’s New Web Profiles: What’s Different?
Listed below are some of the biggest and most beneficial changes in Twitter’s new web profile:
1. A new cover photo banner
This gives Twitter users the option to add a large cover photo, or a company logo, at the top of their profile. It’s recommended to use a photo that’s at a 1500 x 500 pixel resolution. To see what a cover photo banner looks like on a new web profile on Twitter, click here.
2. Highlighted Popular Tweets
Popular Tweets, or Tweets with a higher amount of engagement, will appear larger than other Tweets. This can help make it much easier to read through a company’s Twitter feed.
3. Pinned Tweets 
You can now pin one of your favourite Tweets to the top of your web profile.
4. Filtered Tweets
When you’re browsing the timeline of another Twitter user, you can finally filter the results in the following ways: Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, and Tweets and replies.
5. Larger profile photo
The profile photo on your Twitter account is noticeably larger on a new web profile. It’s also located on the left of your screen now, similar to Facebook.
For those that are new to Twitter, you will automatically start out with the new web profile. If you’re looking to reap some of the benefits of Twitter’s new web profiles, click here to get it now. Take advantage of these new changes to Twitter, and get a new web profile for your company today!

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