Twitter Ads: What You Need To Know To Effectively Promote Your Business On Twitter

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The Tailored Audience feature gives you the flexibility to promote your business on Twitter in the way that is the best fit for your campaign. You can choose from Website Visitors, CRM Audiences or UserID Tracking.
Website Visitors
The Website Visitors option works by allowing businesses to create a tailored audience of users that have visited their website through the use of a tracking pixel. These users will see a targeted Tweet based on their web behavior. This is basically retargeting using Twitter.
Here’s how to it works:
An internet user visits the baby section of ABCDepartment Store’s website.
An ads partner tells Twitter that the user can be included in @ABCStore’s In Market for Baby Items audience.
The user sees a highly relevant promoted Tweet from @ABCStore in their Twitter timeline.
CRM Audiences
Using either your own CRM or a database of e-mail addresses, you can use Twitter to match e-mail to Twitter IDs and create a Tailored Audience. This is an effective method of marketing to prospects and current customers. This type of loyalty campaign would work as follows:
@ABCStore wants to tell its loyalty card members about an exclusive offer or sale.
An ads partner helps @ABCStore define an audience based on hashes of the e-mail addresses of its card members
@ABCStore runs a promoted Tweets campaign to contact card members with an offer or promotion exclusively for them.
UserID Targeting
Since every @ID on Twitter also has a numeric identifier called a user ID, advertisers can create curated lists of users tweeting about keywords, phrases, #hashtags, or replying and mentioning other @handles.
This type of campaign would be set up as follows:
@ABCStore wants to seek out and build relationships with fashion influencers.
An ads partner helps @ABCStore define its audience based on Twitter accounts that have specific fashion terms in their bios, as well as many followers.
@ABCStore reaches out to influencers with a Promoted Account to encourage them to become followers and brand advocates.
Promoting your business on Twitter doesn’t have to be complicated. Let ReferLinks Full Circle Marketing take the guesswork out of this important task for you. Our experienced account managers will ensure that your business gets noticed on Twitter. Contact us now to discuss the best approach for your company.

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