Top Digital Marketing Forecasts for 2017

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2016 is almost over, and you are probably doing some last minute checking of interesting Digital Marketing Predictions for the coming year. Your thoughts probably lean towards the possible trends, as well as the next technological innovations to dominate the internet market. That is not surprising at all, because naturally, everyone wants to know about those things, too.
However among the biggest mistakes marketers make when strategizing is focusing on technology too much. They make it the center of their marketing universe when it is actually more of an efficient means of communication. Technology is a tool that we should utilize to our advantage, but the mastery or use of it should not be our ultimate goal. Instead of employing a tech-centric approach, why not focus on the people that use technology?
Here are some trends that you may have to pay attention to this coming year:

  1. It may be hard to believe, but despite their already incredible popularity, 2017 commands increasing attention to and engagement with social media networks. It appears that the full potential of social media is yet to be realized. Perhaps this increasing attention that is being paid to social media has a lot to do with the acknowledgement of how important Milleninials are, as well as their role in the consumer division.
  2. More attention will be paid to the creation of niche content. We have reached a point in time when consumers do not appreciate the kind of freedom they have in choosing products and services. They know their worth, so they prefer products and services that seem to be tailored for their specific needs instead of going through the never-ending supply of data about things that are just available to them. So the focus may be on lower volume but significantly higher engagement.
  3. Content management is something that everyone has been focusing on for a while now. And in 2017, people better continue doing so. Consumers are no longer easy to lure with just eye-catching headlines and colourful banners. We are all becoming more conscious about what ends up in our inboxes. Customers are smarter and they are looking for content that would matter. For some companies, the challenge is finding great content creators that would deliver what their market would appreciate.
  4. As expected, smartphones are not getting irrelevant any time in the near future, although some say they will experience some slowing down, having found a competition in wearable devices. This may mean another changing of platforms, which translates to additional work for marketers.

Whatever the trends may be in 2017, what you can be sure of is the fact that we’ll be on top of things, making sure your business reaches the right people, the right way. Are you excited about bringing out your business or reaching more people this coming New Year? Let’s discuss the great possibilities!

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