Tips on How to Optimize your Email Campaign

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Email marketing is like the James Woods of small-business marketing (did you know he has an IQ 14821491_sof 180—that’s 20 points higher than Stephen Hawking). But, email marketing is only super-smart when done correctly, which means optimizing the heck out of your campaign through drilled-down metrics and high-level advice. But—how to optimize your email campaign is a tough question.
We’ve helped you before with the metrics (and if we haven’t, you’re really missing out) and now we’re helping you with the high-level advice with these 6 ingenious tips on how to optimize your email campaign:
1. Go All-Out with your Opt-Ins
With nearly every company we’ve worked with we’ve found at least three missed opportunities for campaign opt-ins. These missed opt-in opportunities generally include in the email signatures of various employees (especially sales and management), social networking profiles (ALL of them), in shopping cart checkouts, during surveys and at events-based marketing (either in-person or contests and giveaways).  In addition to ramping up the quantity of opt-ins we also focus our clients’ efforts on the quality of their opt-in forms, as long forms can be daunting.
2. Failure to Segment
Failing to segment your list properly will lead to a round of drop-outs akin to that of high-school hippies in the 70s. Proper, extremely-targeted will encourage people to remained ‘opted in’ while progressing them through the sales cycle (slowly—but still a progression!).

3. Optimized Opt Outs
Having someone hit your ‘unsubscribe’ button isn’t the end of the world. It can actually provide you with an opportunity to learn more about them, as perhaps they like your products but you’re simply sending emails too frequently. Or perhaps you’ve segmented them incorrectly and they should be recategorized. Use your opt-out page to re-segment your users, instead of losing them entirely—because you worked WAY too hard to get them in the first place.

4. Incentivize your Campaign

Just because you got people to sign up for your email marketing campaign doesn’t mean that you own them. Heck, they may have accidentally signed up. Get them actually interested in your emails by incentivizing them with promotions, discounts, free downloads and demos. If you want to be truly on-the-ball, create a deepening incentive plan that incentivizes them the further they move through the sales cycle (you can do this relatively easily with a 3- or 4-phase incentive plan that bumps up the offer at each customer plateau).
OK—we’re quickly running out of digital space here, so here’s 2 rapid-fire additions to this list of optimization tricks…

5. Optimize and test your subject lines—again…and again..and…

6. Ditto for call to actions. 
Ready to Rock? Don’t Forget your Metrics
While you’re implementing all the tips n’ tricks above, don’t forget that the key to any successful campaign is drilled-down metrics. If you aren’t examining and re-examining your open times, rates and other measurables then you are missing the metric boat—but don’t worry, we can help.
Give us a shout here at ReferLinks to find out how we can improve your campaign with enhanced metric monitoring.

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