Tips for Marketing your Business Using Video

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If you want to distinguish yourself from other businesses, it’s no longer enough to have a quality product for sale. Unless you make some noise to let prospective buyers know about it, your business may not survive. Marketing must be part of your ongoing effort to find new prospects and let them know about the products and services you have to offer.
The way you reach out to prospects changes over time. Video marketing has become much more popular in recent years. It has the advantage of immediately grabbing the viewer’s attention and not letting it go. People are more likely to be attracted to visual media than something that they have to read. Here are some tips for marketing using video to help you increase sales:
1. Keep the content short and to the point.
Choose a topic and stick to it. You can produce multiple videos if you wish, but Internet users have very short attention spans. Try to focus on making one point at a time when you are planning your video content.
2. Use storytelling to your advantage.
When you use online video on your website, you are drawing in prospects and customers with feelings and emotions. Use imagery to make them feel as though they are part of the experience. Instead of appearing in front of a blank backdrop, use a set that relates to your business.
3. Show customers how to use your products.
Video is the perfect medium to provide your customers with “how to” videos for your products. Someone is interested in buying a product can view the video beforehand to see how to use it and understand exactly how it works. They will feel more confident about their purchase, which may lead to more sales or repeat sales from the same customer.
4. Add some humour.
Don’t be afraid to let your prospects and customers see that you have a bit of a funny side. This doesn’t mean that you have to go for a slapstick approach in your video marketing, but it’s perfectly all right to step out from behind the corporate personality – just a little – and let your customers know that you are a person very much like themselves who wants to see that they are satisfied with their purchase.

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