Three Small Business Marketing Online Techniques

Here’s three small business marketing online techniques that make a differenceSmall Business Online Marketing Techniques
One of the first things you’ll learn when you take the plunge into the Toronto small business marketing online waters is it can be a deep and murky place what with all the choices you’ve got to sort through. Every technique, from video to social media to optimized content has its followers and detractors so it’s only reasonable that you’ll want to go with the tools that work best, whether your target market is in Whitby or Ajax
That said, here are three of the choices that have stood the test of time.

  • Updated content. The online world is very different than its brick and mortar predecessor in many ways, but the same in others. One of the biggest similarities is that while persistence pays off in both places, fresh content is what attracts the search engine’s attention with online business and gets your goods and services the exposure you need to be successful. While back links are important, even writing one hour a day and uploading fresh relevant content makes a huge difference in the SERPS. 
  • Proper links. Your Etobicoke clients that have specific markets they target want to be sure they get focused exposure. At the same time, it’s important that the links radiating out from the site like a spider web are relevant.  Staying on Google’s good side and away from penalties means planning the links you choose so they lead to high quality sites that relate to your business.
  • Researched Keywords. Long or short tail, high, low or medium competition. These are just some of the features that need to be researched for premiere keywords that act like a bridge between clients and what you’ve got on your website. Don’t sell your Vaughan business short. Take the time to match all the variable keywords and keyword phrases until you find the combination your intended market prefers.

Sticking to the basics with small business marketing online will help you to increase that all important business metric, your bottom line.

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