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What is blog renaissance, and why should your business be interested in it?
Blogs are no longer an amazing novelty in the world of marketing. Given that they have been around since the late 1990s, that is not really surprising.
Over the years, however, blogs have been pushed to the back by some marketers who are more excited about newer strategies. No longer do they show love, genuine affection, and honest attempt at communication. Worse, some business blogs are now no more than ‘table scraps’ of content. Perhaps that is why even smaller businesses stopped blogging.
The Renaissance of Blogging
Just last year, however, we have seen the return of blogging that is true to its original form. Once again, we have seen blogs more human blogs that are also more effective – powerful, even. This form of blogging is what you should embrace. Why? Simply because it ‘humanizes’ your business more. Blogging lends a voice and a specific character to your brand.
Perhaps the resurgence of blogging comes from the need of readers or customers for high-quality content. Consumers demand more information about the products and services they use. They want authenticity. They want content that they can connect to. They don’t trust exaggerated ads and fake news.
So how do you make blogging work for you now?
First of all, you meet what your audience expects and craves for. You become and stay relevant. You transform your business website into a reliable source of information – an expert in your field. By doing so, you also transform your blogs into lead-generating machines.
Here are some ways you can make your blogs stand out once more:

  • Create blog content that is needed by your main audience. That means you should focus not on what you want to write about but what your customers want to read about. Usually, your readers would be needing information about your product, answers to some frequently asked questions, instructionals or how to’s, and more.


  • Optimize your blog content so your target audience can find you. Organize your content in such a way that your posts won’t look like random write-ups. Improve your ‘findability’ by aligning key topics and linking them internally.


  • Work on attracting your audience directly. You want to become an established source, so always be consistent and stay relevant in your niche. Build your audience and try to expand your reach.


  • Build your presence on social media and other free sites – which means keeping your Facebook account thriving. Use your social media accounts to promote your content and let your blog content engage customers.

Proper blogging is gaining traction once more. So now, more than ever, you need to include blogging in your marketing strategy. Breathe life back to your website with fresh and smart blogs. ReferLinks Online Marketing can help make sure you don’t get left behind. Call us and we can talk about reviving your blogs!

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