The Importance of a Solid Subject Line

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When it comes to creating a successful business relationship great first impressions are essential.  The ability to take a glance, use that glance to generate interest, and then turn that interest into a sale is a difficult thing to make happen but it can be done.  Emails give you the opportunity to make a first impression every time you send one out and the subject line is the where you take the shot at turning that glance into interest.  The key is using that subject line in a way that makes people hungry to open that email and find out more.  Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Keep it Short.  Keep the subject line to no more than 50 characters.  Any more than that and you’ll see a drop off in attention.  Make sure not to try to sum up the email in the subject either – too many different topics on one line will confuse and irritate readers.
  • Avoid Sales Specifics.  Wanting to promote discounts and big sales is a good idea, but don’t get into percentages or specifics about items in the subject line.  What is okay is putting a deadline in – saying the sale ends Saturday may spur action.
  • Get to the Point.  Try to put into words the major point of the email itself, but do it in a fun and smart way.  Instead of saying “Big Sale! Don’t Miss it!” try, “Is this the sale you’ll regret missing?”
  • Offer Knowledge.  A great way to get readers invested is to offer to tell them something they don’t already know.  “Inside: 5 Things that Will Save You Big Money,” or “What you didn’t know about industry X that could cost you.”  Of course, it’s important to make sure your email actually links to this information – otherwise it will just annoy any potential clients.
  • Reflect Your Brand.  As with all things you should do what you can to reflect your brand.  If you’re a family-oriented business make your subject lines reflect wholesomeness and cheer.  For a more industrial approach go with smart but no-nonsense lines that strike at the heart of the matter.
  • Localize.  If you’re a business that serves a specific neighbourhood or community use that to your advantage.  Many people are used to receiving blanket emails from faceless corporations and a subject line mentioning a local event or even just name-dropping the area itself can draw attention from readers.
  • No Repetition.  Don’t use the same lines for different seasonal sales.  Don’t use the same lines for yearly events.  And especially don’t use the same template for every subject line you send out.  Once people realize you’re not putting any thought into it they’ll be far more likely to start ignoring your emails.  Give them something interesting every time.

A solid subject line is just the start of the email experience for clients but it is crucial to get it right.  If you need help crafting better emails we can help.  Contact us at ReferLinks FCM today.

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