The impact custom graphics can have on your website

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If you’ve ever wondered the impact custom graphics can have on your website and overall Application-Devtbranding, then consider this: the North American custom graphic design industry is valued at over $8billion—and there is a good reason for it. Custom graphics give your website, branding, marketing and advertising efforts an overall ‘look at me, look at me’ appeal.
Consider the following reasons and the impact custom graphics can have on your website:
The 47% Rule
Studies have shown that almost 50% of potential customers make the decision to buy/convert based on the look of the website itself and its overall appearance of credibility. The opportunities to boost your sales/conversions based on the appearance of your website alone are huge—and the appearance and credibility of a website are in its custom elements, especially its custom graphics.
The 10-Second Test 
Your website has 10 seconds to grab peoples attention. In that 10 seconds users are sizing up your company based on the initial elements their attention focuses on. This is why a website with custom graphics, that utilizes them properly through natural attention flow, can capture more users than others. If you’re wondering if your website passes the 10-second test with its current graphics simply check the bounce rate of visitors in your analytics tool.
Users Prefer Images to Text
People love images—just look at the success of any popular artist or the highest-ranking pages on Facebook. Images and graphics can trigger emotion, memories, intellect and trust in their viewers. As an added bonus to most people have better memory recall based on visual information than on written content so your brand will instantly become more memorable.
Another important fact to consider when choosing custom graphics over simple text is that many residents in Toronto and the GTA are recent immigrants—and graphics can transcend these language barriers.

Graphics-Based Orientation
Using custom graphics, especially an eye-catching logo, will help your users orientate themselves when navigating. They will know as they click links that they are still on your site, and that logo will begin to imprint on their memory.
How to Use Custom Graphics for Maximum Impact
Not all custom graphics have the same impact. Graphics need to be representative of your website and company overall, and require proper placement. For example, your highest-impact graphics should generally be used below the fold to attract attention to your highest-converting content.
If you’re wondering the impact custom graphics can have on your websites—call the experts, ReferLinks FCM—for a graphics assessment and improvement strategy.

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