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Blogging, short for weblogging, has been around since the invention of the web in one form or another though the actual word ‘blog’ has only grown to common usage over the last twenty years or so.  It has shifted and transformed, gone long-form and went micro, become image-based, cut across a thousand platforms, and bore witness to the birth and death of a million memes.   And still blogging remains.  And still it only grows.  Blogging has become a profession, a hobby, and a powerful tool for business, but what does the future hold?  Let’s take a look.
The ubiquity of cameras and video websites make creating more video for blogs in the future a foregone conclusion.  Most popular websites now have accompanying video with big news stories or product reviews and there’s no reason bloggers can’t do the same with the technology now available.  There are important things to remember when building video to augment blog content such as ensuring the video is relevant to the material and also covers the main points while encouraging deeper reading of the written material present.
Animation and Interactivity
New blogging platforms are being born with a more thorough cross-media experience in mind.  Built for any browser but with a special eye for tablets these platforms allow easy to build blogs that can have dynamic backgrounds, interactive infographics, and embedded video footnotes.  Obviously the workload for creating and integrating these features is higher but the technical requirements will undoubtedly lessen as the creation becomes easier.
The Rise of Context
The internet is an interconnected whole that encompasses nearly all of humanity’s knowledge and yet blogs or new articles often feel like they exist in a vacuum.  Of course there are links to relevant pages or easy to click tags that might lead you to blogs on similar topics but as we move into the future we will start craving immediate glance-able information.  The possibilities for business are especially interesting.  Imagine a blog for a kitchen remodeler about counter options – immediately graphics of all of their inventory as well as current discounts are highlighted, along with countertops that match or contrast, and a set of testimonials of customers who had previously ordered that product.  Think about how much more engagement a reader might feel – how much more likely they might be to become a customer.
The future of blogs is on the way, but current blogs still represent an essential tool in establishing and solidifying your brand online.  If you need someone who can help you build a better blog, now and in the future, contact ReferLinks FCM today.

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