The Best Online Marketing Tactics That Drive Sales

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There’s one big thing that gets in the way of you making more sales through online marketing: your potential clients, those people who could buy your products and fit your buyer profile? Not all of them know who you are.
This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As long as there are people out there who don’t know about you and what you sell, there are opportunities to build your offering, test out new tactics, keep the competition in check and most importantly, make more sales.
This is what online marketing is for — getting your potential clients to go from strangers to clients and customers.
Some of the best online marketing tactics that drive sales fit a few different key criteria: they’re tried-and-tested, make common sense, and don’t just work to help you make money. Used in the right way, these tactics can help drive sales of your products and services.
Most online marketing tactics can fall into three areas — tactics that have to do with your social media, content marketing and website. But no strategy can hope to make any sense if it’s not well-researched first.

  1. Social Media: As a marketing tactic, starting with social media first makes sense. It’s the easiest way to build your current audience, and can be done well with no money.
    1. Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other major social media networks to interact with your audience.
    2. Use video, images and infographics with every post and share.
    3. Post regularly and post often.
  1. Content: From your social media to your content, once you start building your audience online, people are going to be paying attention to the content you publish and share.
    1. Start blogging or vlogging.
    2. Watch the hot conversation within your audience and create your own content with your own point of view.
    3. Collect client testimonials and case studies for inclusion on your site.
    4. Publish micro-content.
  1. Website: From your social media to your content, and then to your website. This is where you want your audience to land because this is where you control the message. Here are some tactics to take the most of the opportunity:
    1. Give something away – offer new subscribers or potential customers a free perk for signing up for you newsletter, or offer a coupon on a purchase.
    2. Make your site, sign-up forms and the purchase process easy to navigate and nice to look at.
    3. Make your site mobile friendly!

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