The Benefits of a Blog for Any Business

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Blogging is fast becoming a strong tool for promoting businesses online.  In fact, they may be starting to pop up on the sites of other businesses you may work with or maybe even on those of your competition.  You might be wondering if you need a blog on your site or if your business is even right for one.  We’ll go ahead and spoil the ending by telling you the answer is yes to both questions.  Here’s why.
Creates a Living Online Presence
When a potential client finds a business online they’re looking one thing first: signs the business is alive and active.  A lot of companies slap websites online and then do nothing with them – some even go out of business with a website still running.  A recent blog lets the client know that you’re still actively working and a history of them lets them know you’ve been at it for a long while.  In addition, because search engines love new content, every time a new blog gets found and indexed it will drive up your site’s value on search engine rankings.  This gives blogs a one-two punch of both making it easier for your site to be found and increasing the likelihood of getting that client’s business.
Strengthens Your Brand
A blog can also help burnish your brand in the eyes of those both looking to do business as well as any potential repeat clients.  Helpful blog posts not only highlight products or services that your company provides they can also prove to have real benefit for readers – creating added value for your customer base.  A landscaper, for example, could post a blog about the right plants for an Ontario garden.  If that advice proves useful the client will think fondly of the blog which will create returning visitors but also of the company which increases the likelihood of further business.  In addition, blogs can reflect the tone and values you want to project.  If you want your business to appeal to higher-end customers with an erudite style that can be done.  Alternatively if you’re appealing to industrial customers with blogs that reflect professionalism and expertise a talented blogger can make that happen for you.
Blogs can help draw in new eyes, keep old ones interested, and present to the world the kind of business you are.  It’s well worth starting one up.  If you need help getting you blog up and running ReferLinks FCM has experience building ongoing web presences across a diverse set of industries.  Contact us today.

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