Thank Your Customers with Content Marketing

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Thank you.
With all the things you tell your customers each day, how often do you tell them these two words? More importantly, how important are these words?
Whether you agree or not, customers want to feel and see that as a business, you do care about them and value them – not just their money. And you’d be surprised how the simple act of showing gratitude goes a long way when it comes to letting customers know that they matter.
You can always use quality content to thank your customers in a way that they’d really feel your gratitude. You can achieve this by providing your audience with useful information that they will be thankful for! It wouldn’t hurt that doing so will also help convert leads and even achieve repeat purchases.
Here are some ways you can show your gratitude through content:

  1. Build relationships through words. Communicate wisely. This is not just throwing words out there, but choosing what words to say and how you say it. Don’t underestimate the impact of a follow up email or a simple reply on your social media. As much as possible, make it personal. There is nothing more frustrating for customers than automated replies. They know the difference, trust us.
  2. Your buyers will always need additional information about your products and services. They’d be grateful if you proactively provide them that. You can add info-graphics and videos to help them with instructions. Additionally, you can offer some alternative uses for the products you offer, if possible.
  3. Offer excellent and FREE ideas! Depending on your business, you can post free recipes, knit patterns, styling secrets, song chords, and anything else that could show your clients that they need not think hard about how to use your product.
  4. Give your readers a chance to have their input on your website or social media page. Allow them to freely comment and rate you. When you give clients the freedom to do so, they’d see that you are genuine and that you hear their ideas out.
  5. Take it a step further and ask for their participation! You can hold contests and ask customers to submit videos or photos that show how they use and enjoy your product. Offer special prizes!

Show your customers how grateful you are for their loyalty by giving them reasons to stay with you. Extend your relationship further than making that first sale. If you give thanks to your existing customers the right way, you wouldn’t have to invest too much in trying to gain new ones. They may even do the marketing for you!

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