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What Types of Video are Effective for Marketing?

By now you probably know that putting up posters and giving out flyers are not as effective for promoting your business as they used to be. Yes, you might be thinking, it’s all about writing and posting excellent content on a blog today. But what if you learn that even that is not enough anymore?

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Myths About Video Marketing – Debunked!

No one can deny the effectiveness of video as a marketing tool these days. According to YouTube, people spend their time everyday watching millions worth of hours on their site, generating billions of views every single day. Indeed, video is an exceptional tool as it could be the easiest and fastest way to find people

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Should You Focus on Video Marketing?

Just last year we saw how video skyrocketed as a favourite content marketing format. Marketers are adeptly responding to the shorter attention spans of their audiences by creating content that is more visual and more interactive than ever… and it’s working. It’s working really well, actually.   Video is quickly taking over as the biggest

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What You Should Know about Short-Form Video

Short-form video is a great marketing tool that can help businesses connect with customers on a personal level and in a faster way. Talk about delivering information in no more than 60 seconds! Some experts say that it is expected that video is to account for around 79% of global internet traffic by the year

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Best Practices for Online Videos

Video marketers are aware of how fast their world is changing – a little bit faster than the rest. That is why it is really important to always be in the know when it comes to trends and things that work presently, as well as to understand some of the best practices that could possibly

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Building a Great Email

A great marketing email – whether a newsletter, specific promotion, or other – is built with a primary purpose in mind.  That purpose will dictate the kinds of materials you’ll want to include in that email.  If you want to push traffic to your site you go image heavy with strong contextual content and a

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Online Marketing 2015: How Videos are Changing EVERYTHING

Ask any expert in online marketing, and they’ll tell you that video is essential for even the most basic strategy. Over the last few years, video and visual content have popped up everywhere. The rise of micro video, and micro video platforms, is a major indicator of the impact visual content can have. Vine, Snapchat,

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