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What Types of Video are Effective for Marketing?

By now you probably know that putting up posters and giving out flyers are not as effective for promoting your business as they used to be. Yes, you might be thinking, it’s all about writing and posting excellent content on a blog today. But what if you learn that even that is not enough anymore?

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What to Consider Before Jumping Onto the Branded Video Bandwagon

Branded content is not a territory to enter lightly. To begin with, there are various approaches that you should consider, like whether you’ll sponsor an existing content or if you will opt to be collaborative with the marketing group or studio. The whole branded content journey can prove to be overwhelming and the only way

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If Video Is the Internet's Future, Here's What You Should Know

No one can underestimate the great power online videos enjoy now. Its importance has been predicted in 2006 when Google acquired YouTube. Now a lot has changed. Videos, too, have evolved. Are they still going to be the future of internet? Most probably. If that is the case, here’s what businesses need to know and

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3 Steps to Getting Your Video Viral

For most businesses, creating a video that could possibly go viral follows a very vague lineup of strategies that could either hit or miss. It could be based on their past experience or how much budget they have, as well as the kind of concept their creative team is going for.   Some marketing departments

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