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The Importance of Re-Engaging Dormant Customers

Every business spends time and money on acquiring new customers. This is important. After all, the growth of a company is largely dependent on the growth of the number who purchase their products or avail their services. But is customer acquisition the sole factor in building a successful business? Not at all. The truth is,

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Customer Experience Strategies That Could Work Wonders

Are you worried about your customers drifting away? Do you instantly assume that there’s something wrong with your services or products? While it is important that you always make sure what you’re offering your customers are of the highest quality, don’t forget that there may be another reason behind the slow drop in customer number

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Why Differentiated Customer Experience is Best for Your Brand

Many businesses are allotting important resources to understanding and improving their customer experience. But unless they leverage their brand in this process, all you are likely to get is something that is just generic. As you can expect, this will not succeed in providing the competitive advantage that you want for your business. Differentiating a

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Thank Your Customers with Content Marketing

Thank you. With all the things you tell your customers each day, how often do you tell them these two words? More importantly, how important are these words? Whether you agree or not, customers want to feel and see that as a business, you do care about them and value them – not just their

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The Importance of Understanding Your Audience

When building online presence, it is very important for businesses to connect to their audience. Instead of guessing who your audience is and what they want to read or hear (which may be totally off-base anyway), it would do you better to have a particular audience in mind. Remember that when you send random messages

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Why Superior Customer Experience Makes All the Difference

Since the 1990s when companies had information-centric products and services, like Google and Amazon, the power in the business world shifted from the sellers and manufacturers to the consumers. Before that, the marketplace was all about the manufacturers and the distributors.   Now, we are in an entirely different age when customers find it easy

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