What Do Millennials Think of Advertising?

Years ago, back when things were much easier to understand, marketing logic was simpler, too. You want the attention of younger customers? Give them more advertisements and they’ll happily do what you intend for them to do. Unfortunately, those days of simple marketing are long gone. Now, it seems like...

Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Why It is Important

With the surge of different platforms for digital marketing including blogs and social media, some businesses tend to overlook one of the most effective models of internet marketing: pay-per-click.   You may already have an understanding of how pay-per-click campaigns work, but for those who don’t, let’s quickly define it....

Facebook’s new ‘Friends’ ads unleashed on Canadians in Toronto and Vancouver

At 11 years old, we’re watching Facebook do something that’s familiar: changing. But this time it’s not your profile and privacy settings that are being updated. For about a week now, the company’s new ‘Friends’ ads have been playing and posted in and around Toronto and Vancouver. As the Toronto...


Our Response to Covid-19

Due to COVID-19, all of our prices reflected on our website are operating at up to a 40% discount to accommodate the financial stresses you may be experiencing during this time. We have financing plans that fit every budget. We care about your business and will do whatever we can to support you.

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