Why Superior Customer Experience Makes All the Difference

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Since the 1990s when companies had information-centric products and services, like Google and Amazon, the power in the business world shifted from the sellers and manufacturers to the consumers. Before that, the marketplace was all about the manufacturers and the distributors.
Now, we are in an entirely different age when customers find it easy to know as much as there is to know about your services and products, as well as those of your competitors. When the process has been made easy by social networks and the mobility of web access, you can rely on customers to give their honest opinion about you and let everyone know about it, too.
It is not surprising then that there is a growing obsession with superior customer experience. When every business owner has access to the same goods from all over the world, your competitive advantage can only come from providing your clientele with the kind of customer experience that can easily convince them to be loyal and supportive of you and you brand.
When we say superior customer experience, does that mean we should exceed customer expectations? Some argue that that is an ambitious goal and focus should be given to simply making it easy for customers and maximizing their satisfaction. Whichever point of view you agree with, one thing is certain, it is crucial that you identify what your customers expect of you and your brand accurately.
Understanding Emotions
To get a clear picture of your customer, you have to know his or her current emotions. You might say that you can access their patterns using quantitative data and that is true – you cannot argue with number. However, you cannot discount a customer’s emotion, especially if that is what is behind the positive results you are getting now.
Emotions do control decisions, and one’s emotional response is produced faster than his logical one. Because superior customer experience appeals to a person’s emotion, it means that he would choose you (granted that you have delivered exceptional customer experience) over your competitors though theirs might be a more reasonable purchase.
Businesses have to look behind their usual trusted data to ensure that they are able to provide their customers what they have promised. Customers respond better to businesses that proactively take care of their needs than those with a reactive customer service – no matter how good they may be. They want you to be one step ahead of them to make sure nothing goes wrong. You have to know that while you cannot force a customer to like you, you can certainly find out why they feel that way and work on that.
A satisfied customer has a big potential to be a loyal one, so listen to his or her emotion and provide superior customer experience. You’ll be the one to reap the rewards later.

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