Why Starting A Blog in 2015 Could Turn Around Your Online Presence

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Are you satisfied with your web presence? Is your “findability factor” exactly where it should be? If you would like to boost your online presence, there are some very good reasons why you should consider starting a blog. It could turn around your online presence and give you another way to reach out to both your existing customer base and potential customers, as well.
You Give Internet Users More Opportunities to Find your Business
Each post on your blog is an opportunity for an Internet user to find you online. Make your blog an extension of your website so that if a visitor lands on a page of your blog first, the person has an opportunity to click through to your other pages to learn about your products and services without leaving the site. If your blog is on a separate domain, you run a much higher risk of losing the site visitor if you try to direct him or her to a different site.
You Can Establish Yourself as an Expert in your Niche
Since blog posts are written in a conversational tone, reading them makes customers feel as though they are getting to know you and your company. This is your chance to show your expertise and tell customers that they can trust you to help them solve a problem that they are having by providing them with the right product or service to solve it. This level of comfort will translate into higher sales.
Its an Opportunity to Engage with the Online Community
The comments section of a blog is a place where your customers can ask questions, make comments about their experiences and raise concerns. This is your opportunity to keep your finger firmly on the pulse of what your customers want from you. (You may even get some ideas for future blog posts, too!)
To get your New Year started off right with a new blog, contact ReferLinksFCM today. Our creative team will ensure that your blog is kept populated with a steady stream of relevant posts on topics your customers will find interesting and informative.

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