How Social Networks and Other Marketing Channels Affect this Shopping Season

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Christmas is finally here! With the holiday season arriving, where do you get your ideas for this year’s presents? Do you ask your family and friends? Do you browse through magazines and brochures? Or like the 8 out of 10 consumers, do you turn to social networks for shopping guidance for the holidays?
You have read right. These days, a huge chunk of consumers automatically turn to social networks when they are in need of help in deciding what gifts should land their shopping lists. What that means is that now more than any other time, businesses can take advantage of this “shopping influence” to achieve success this season, too.

  1. Social Media

Granted that you should not neglect your regular promotions on all social channels. But aside from that, you should also hone your social listening skills. Pay attention on what the predictions are regarding trends and hot products this season. You can, if possible, adjust to better accommodate these trends. Better yet, find ways to stand out!

  1. Email

Did you know that email could be accounted for a huge percentage of sales made every holiday? Yes, it may be done over a period of time or even just on a single day. No matter what some non-believers think, email still continues to be a huge part of that content that brings and keeps your brand on the top list of your consumers.

  1. Blogs

Businesses, big or small all jump in on this holiday shopping madness by posting content about marketing or shopping as their way to engage potential clients. It is indeed a great time to post blogs that readers would find current and informative.
Truly, we are seeing a shift in marketing approach (which could be attributed to generational differences, too) where consumers do not like being marketed to. Gone were the days when you simply bring your service or product directly to your consumers and let them see for themselves how good it is. They do not like it when you sell to them. Instead, they want to be influenced by people, brands, or organizations that they can trust – whether they are found in social media, an expert’s blog, or a warm email from a brand that they are loyal to.  What it means for you, as a business, is that you go with this shift and harness these changes in marketing to help you keep up with the quick twists this shopping season.

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