Social Media VS Traditional Media – Who’s Wins This Round?

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If, like most businesses, you are wondering whether you should invest in traditional advertising or give social media a try, then this post is perfect for you. We are going to compare the two with an important point that really matters to businesses – how they reach their audience. So, in the battle of these giants, who will win this round?
Traditional Media
Traditional media depends on how their brand creates a message that they will then transmit to the masses through radio, print, or TV broadcast. It follows a one-way communication flow that doesn’t provide room for engagement.
For traditional marketing, the content is made up of messages that are thoroughly planned out and eventually executed by a big team of highly trained (and paid) professionals. Brands also spend humongous amounts of money to create these catchy messages and an even bigger amount to distribute them. We are talking hundreds of thousands to millions for commercials that last about 30 seconds average.
Due to its high cost and the lead time needed, traditional advertising isn’t that flexible. They can’t change too often, running contracts last for a certain period (and are paid for in advance). While this means the brands don’t need to worry about reaching their audience for as long as they are running, it also means they cannot take advantage of newer trends and opportunities for better marketing as easily as social media.
Social Media
From the other side of the ring is social media, working hard to be amongst a community with an unlimited number of members. Unlike traditional media, social media is fundamentally a two-way communication system. This means not only do they allow customer engagement; social media also works hard to achieve exactly that. Why? Customer engagement pertains to likes, comments, tags, and shares – your modern form of word-of-mouth.
This lends an air of authenticity to your brand, making its claims a lot more believable. Incidentally, social networking sites now seem to replace more traditional communities. Marketers recognize this and help brands become integral parts of this community through constant communication with others – first through really interesting posts, and constantly thereafter through replies to their audience’s comments. People pay attention when they are a part of something. Consumers like the idea that they can easily voice out their opinion about you – whether what they have to say is good or bad.
In these modern times, you will no longer find consumers who are contented listening and watching as big brands try to sell to them. They prefer being able to take part, to recommend and even to represent a brand that reaches out to them. That is exactly what social media stands for. So for this round? Social media is the clear winner. Do you think so, too?

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