Social Media Marketing: 4 Expert Tips to Give your Social Media Marketing a Boost

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Social media marketing is hard. Period.
We know how hard social media marketing is—we do it daily. Driving engagement, social-based branding and fostering customer conversion and relationships is extremely difficult to begin with, and it doesn’t get any easier as you catch the social-media-marketing malaise that affects small businesses. That was the bad news.
The good news is that there are ways to continue your upward social growth trajectory—which is why we’ve included these 4 tips below, that will give your social media marketing strategy a boost…
1. Make Efficiency a Goal
Running a lean—and efficient—strategy means using analytics to measure where you’ve had the most success in the past, so that you can reuse concepts that worked before by modifying them.  It can also help you drop dead weight. So, monitor engagement and replicate your successes. If you ran a contest that was extremely successful—host regular contests. If you had success by using trending topics to promote your services—then run with that. But, continually measure your success, and test new mini strategies within each strategy to tweak and perfect your execution.
2. Focus
Most companies have one network that they truly excel in. For example, visual businesses like restaurants, benefit greatly from Pinterest and networks that leverage hash tags (#foodgasm). Learn what network you do best on and then refocus your strategy around that network. But, of course—don’t forget Facebook entirely.
3. Show your Expertise
Social malaise often comes from a follow the crowd, lazy mentality. So, to super-charge your campaign become the expert in your arena. Ask the key people in your organization to get involved in social content by offering up their expert advice. These key people often include sales, high-level CEO types—and customer service (who are on the frontline of what your customers truly want).
4. Network and Build Alliances with Like-Minded Businesses
Social success rarely happens in a bubble, so align your social media marketing campaigns with like-minded businesses in your vertical. For example, if your company creates health-oriented doggy treats then combine social power with dog leash companies and eco-friendly dog products. You can also go out of your vertical slightly, for example, by leveraging the extreme strength of mommy networking to sell your dog treats (after all, which person in the household is most likely to buy dog treats?). Think outside the box when coming up with strong social alliances
For more tips on how to succeed, over the long-term, in social media marketing—contact our social media wing today to find out how we can help. 

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