Social Media and Email Marketing 101 for Beginners

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For all you who are not fluent in marketing, but plans on using this for your business or other personal reasons, do not fret! For we have prepared simple explanations in 3 key points on how you can integrate social media and email marketing. As we are fast approaching the middle of 2016, you may have noticed that everyone you know is on the internet. Because of the high demand in email, content and social media you will need to step up your game since your audience is “cross-platform”.
Hand in Hand
Assuming that you are new when it comes to social media and email marketing, having the two marketing strategies is more effective in your game play rather than using only one of them. How, you ask? Well it’s simple, Social Media gives you a better advantage in spreading the word for your email campaigns and can help in building your database. While a creative and relate-able email campaign can deepen the relationship that you have with your social media followers and eventually turn them into buyers. Just like how a big juicy steak goes well with rich red wine, both are yummy on its own, but when put together, you get to taste heaven in your mouth.
We use email marketing to support social media engagement. A smart way to utilize your digital marketing tools is to fundamentally find opportunities to send emails to your subscriber encouraging them to engage with social media. The key is to outline opportunities to send out behavioural email that will capture your audience attention and will feed them the need to share this via social media. Be sure to make everything convenient for them by adding the links or having a share button to social media platforms. This will definitely help you out with expanding your reach all just because you made it easier for them.
Have Fun!
Lastly, the most important piece of all… Your content must be fun! Do you notice how other start up businesses/companies’  social media followers suddenly sky rocketed after posting facts that are not only interesting but actually fun to read or watch? In today’s world, it is a must that marketing needs to be fun. You need to surprise and captivate your audience in order to increase your shares, likes, and subscribers.

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