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Here’s a few tips for a winning small business web site designSmall Business Web Design
Ask anyone familiar with online business and they’ll tell you that regardless of whether you’ve got a home base in Vaughan, Mississauga or anywhere in between, the website is the modern business card. That said, there are a few tested criteria that will present the goods and services you’re putting out for show in cyberspace in the best possible light.
Take a moment to look over these dos and don’ts that will help your Pickering online business to flourish.
First off, you need to remember that bigger isn’t always better and although there’s a tendency to want to make a big splash, many experts say a winning small business web site design stays simple and away from features that take time to load like Flash.
Remember the prospects that are visiting your website are just that and by keeping the navigation buttons simple and easy to read, you’ve got a better chance of turning those prospects into clients. Be aware that no matter how much you believe in what you’re selling, studies have shown you’ve only got a few seconds to grab visitors’ attention before they click away.
That means you need to tell them who you are and what you do right away on the homepage. As much as video has a great place in helping to illustrate product features and such, there’s really no substitute for professionally written informative content that’s been properly optimized. It creates a serious business like first impression.
It’s important to offer people that visit your site a compelling and value added experience. Remember, a winning small business web site design will walk a fine line that incorporates both user friendly navigation so they can search the sight seamlessly and great content that entices them to the next page.

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