How the little things can go a long way as a small business during the Coronavirus Scare

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At ReferLinks Online Marketing, we are firm believers that sticking together as a community is most important. Below you will find simple, yet effective recommendations for small businesses that they can use to navigate during the unsettling time of the Coronavirus.

1. Stay positive on social media.

Everyone is having a bit of a hard time staying positive during this time.  Turn to your social media platforms with uplifting content to keep your customers assured that you are here to help and that you are ready to rock as soon as this virus gets under control. Post recommendations on how to stay healthy, or techniques to properly wash your hands. In addition, post assurances that you are not going anywhere, and you look forward to catering to the needs of your customers the moment you re-open. Now is the time to provide peace, not panic.

We strongly recommend that you do NOT post your opinion, only facts that were given by the government and trusted sources.  This isn’t the time to get political or to talk about your personal opinions. It’s time to be a trusted source of information for your customers.

2. Promotional & How-To Content

Is there any way you can provide a promotion for your customers to take advantage of when this all simmers down? For example, if you are an HVAC company, come up with a promotion for AC maintenance and repairs once your business re-opens. Or, if you are a chiropractic and massage clinic, promote a bundled package that will alleviate stress for your customers once you’re able to take appointments. Whatever it is, try to help in any way you can.

Another way is to start providing helpful content to your target market. If you’re a dentist, start promoting healthy dental tips with videos or blogs.  If you’re a real estate agent or mortgage broker, now is the time to provide information on refinancing your home, or what to do when open houses are now closed.

We know your business may suffer financially during this time, or it may not.  Either way, what’s most important is to demonstrate that you care for your customers, whether you make money or not.  That, in our opinion, will go a long way. Start to dive deep into how you can reach out to your customers with suggestions on how your business can provide a solution to their needs. 

3.Committing to giving some of your profits back to the community

If there is a foundation or a cause that you strongly believe in, start promoting that a certain portion of your sales will be going to that cause if they buy gift cards or buy credit for your business.  Allow others to help you, while you help other businesses too. There’s nothing more important than our community sticking together and helping each other out.

4. Focus on your SEO campaign

This isn’t the time to panic, but when it comes to marketing and saving your money, it’s time to cut down on your pay per click spending and invest in your business with SEO.  SEO gives your business wealth, while PPC is a large expense for lead generation with a low conversion rate. If you want to get ahead, then it’s time to focus on how to come up on Google organically, and not pay Google to rank with their ads.  If you invest now you will be that much further ahead of your competition with higher rankings on Google. As a result, you will increase your website traffic and generate more leads out of the gate.  Learn more about how we can help you with SEO here

5. Stay Flexible

There is incredible virtual meeting software such as Zoom that you should look into. If you had meetings scheduled, don’t cancel them! Take advantage of meeting online.

Final Notes…
These simple and effective recommendations for small businesses to use during the Coronavirus are to help them navigate this unsettling time.   COVID-19 is not a joke, and we have no idea what’s to come with this harmful virus. All we know is that social distancing is extremely important and that’s why we have all committed to working from home until further notice.

Please let us know how we can help you.  We are a Canadian company operating in both Canada and the USA.  We care about our communities and we want you to know that you can call us for free advice on how to help.  We will be uploading more recommendations as time goes on.

Yours truly,
The ReferLInks Online Marketing Team

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