Should Dental Experts Be on Social Media?

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Over the last 10 years, the number of people using social media has grown exponentially. As you probably can guess, the majority of your existing patients and prospective ones use social media. So the question is, are you using social media to help grow your dental practice?
Why should dentists be on social media?
To Gain Visibility… and New Patients!
In the kind of world we live in now, if your dental practice doesn’t have a strong online presence, it might as well not even exist. This is because most people, especially the younger generation, live in a digital world. Just like you wouldn’t dream of putting up your dental office in a location where hardly anyone can find it, you wouldn’t want to give your prospective patients a hard time looking for you online. That is why you should have a really good website and you should be present on al significant social media platforms. When people see your practice online, the more likely they are to contact you and visit your practice in person.
To Improve Communication and to Strengthen Relationships with Patients
Patients are not always comfortable with their dentists, and sometimes it’s a hassle to have to schedule a consultation just to ask a couple of questions. When you are on social media, you are giving your patients another line of communication – and one that they are more comfortable using. Through social media, you can humanize your brand and show your patients that you can be both professional and personable. If used properly, social media can be really effective in strengthening patient loyalty and awareness.
To Build Credibility
When looking for healthcare providers, patients do not just ask around. Most of them use the internet. If they are in need of a dentist, they’d check his website and reference social media platforms like Facebook to see what people are saying about the particular dental office they’re considering. Having photos and videos of your dental office, of your staff, and having good reviews from your existing patients would encourage prospective patients to come to you.
Now you know how important it is to have your dental practice present on social media platforms, the next question is – how do you go about it?
As a dentist, you are naturally busy and finding time to take care of things like your social media profiles can be challenging. Well, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to do it yourself. ReferLinks Online Marketing can handle social media marketing for you so you can focus on what’s important – giving your patients the best dental care possible. Call us now and we’ll discuss our social media strategy that we can customize for your needs!

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