Short or Long – What’s Better for Your Digital Video?

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Last year, brand interest in super short and long form digital videos soared. And this duality is highly likely to stay strong in the coming months as marketers continue to focus on catching the attention of prospective customers online.
Traditional 30-second advertisements are still going to be around, but we are going to see lots of experimenting with video formats that are bordering the extremes when it comes to duration. Why go extreme, you ask? Well, according to studies, video advertisements online are quite successful especially with the younger demographic groups which are actually what most brands covet. The fact that short videos perform well in most platforms is a huge bonus. So as long as they are able to do that, you can be sure that they’ll continue to be popular this year.
Before you decide on short form videos, you shouldn’t totally disregard long-form ads. v Because of the growing popularity of virtual reality and the obvious trend of consumers spending more and more time watching online videos, brands have the opportunity to capture the attention of their viewers and get them immersed in their storyline with their product subtly incorporated.
If you think of it, the best online brand videos that last more than 90 seconds are good at evoking the emotions of those watching them. That is why they are successful in keeping their viewers watching until the end of the video – which, let’s admit, is not the easiest thing to do especially in this age where people have shorter attention spans. Often, these videos have amazing concepts and a touching story. If it’s really good, you might not even realize it’s a created by and for a brand. They are like short movies where the product being promoted is not “loud and screaming”.
If you want a short video to succeed, it has to be really interesting and captivate your viewers in less than 10 seconds, which can be challenging. You have to make the most of the limited time. But once you have this down, you can have it on most social media platforms where they can work wonders for you.
If you want to go for a long form video, you need a good story to tell and more importantly, you have to tell that story in a gripping way to ensure that your audience stays with you until the end of the video.
So back to the question – which is better for you? The answer depends on a number of things. One of course is your message. Which would give a more powerful message? Is it a long form video that can tug the viewers’ heartstrings or a short and sweet one that will be remembered? Whichever you choose, know that the key is a strong storytelling. Of course, you want to be sure that your video is targeted to the right group of people and that it is posted on all the right platforms.

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