SEO: how to stay on the front page of Google

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14562986_sYou’ve made it to the front page of Google—congrats on that, as we know exactly how hard that is!   Only problem is now your competition is starting to take notice and ramp up their SEO efforts and could very well oust you in the coming months. So if you’re wondering how to stay on the front page of Google you’ve come to the right place—we’ve helped thousands of clients maintain their ranking through the following steps:
Analyze & Adjust
The absolute best advice we can give you is to stay on top of your Internet activity with analytical software. Use it to analyze your progress over 30 and/or 60 days and you will see exactly which keywords are effective and which are not. Then, use this information to readjust your keyword strategy to keep you on top of your game—and your competition. Analyzing the effectiveness of your SEO strategy on a regular basis will also help you boost conversions as you learn which pages are most visited and which call to actions are most effective.
Link Building
In addition to on-page optimization via keywords Google also assigns heavy value to how many people find your content worthy of linking to by counting how many inbound links you have. So be sure to maintain a natural influx of legitimate links, over the long-term. Legitimacy of links is paramount here. One link from a reputable website in your industry is worth a hundred links from the likes of Bob’s Lure & Tackle shop in Nowhereville, Nunavut.
Think Long Term
SEO isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Maintaining a long-term strategy with regular improvements and continuous effort will continue to attract the prying-yet-flirtatious eye of the Google crawlers. The more new ‘stuff’ (content, keywords and other forms of SEOificiation) and strategy improvements you have the more often Google will check in with your site. If you reach the first page then rest on your laurels Google, with their all-seeing eye, will notice and rank you accordingly. There are no safe plateaus in SEO.
Also, don’t be disappointed if your coveted Google ranking slips a spot one month. This happens. The silver lining of this disappointment though is that it does provide you with an opportunity to improve as it will tell you loads about the SEO elements that you can improve on.
Stay White Hat
When well-ranked companies see a dip in their Google ranking they often turn to the malevolent-yet-easier methodology of Black Hat SEO. Despite its easy allure, stay away—or you could be banned from Google entirely.
Work with Us
Consider this a well-advised, yet shameless, self plug—but we know what hard work it is to stay on top with Google. Over the long term this becomes both tiring and daunting and discourages many from continuing their efforts. Why not outsource the work to a company that lives and breathes it—and keeps up on all the new trends in SEO…so you don’t have to, while still allowing you to know how to stay on the front page of Google.

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