SEO 101: How to Pinpoint the Exact Keywords That Will Pay Off For Your Business

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The keywords a company uses within their SEO campaigns will determine the level of visibility their brand achieves within their online marketing. Effective keyword selection drives SEO results. This means that companies should focus on which keywords they are using and how these keywords can deliver the required returns.  In this blog, we’ll outline how to pinpoint the exact keywords companies can use to achieve online engagement.
Analyze the Target Audience
The search engine marketplace is evolving continuously. Companies should consider what phrases their clients are currently using to find products from within their industry and then adapt those keywords to improve their site’s ranking performance. It’s important that companies select several words that describe their business. Instead of “lawyer” for example, choose “Toronto personal injury lawyer”. Search users will focus in on the exact type of service they require. Companies should respond by honing their SEO keyword parameters to reflect search users’ intent.
Consider Which Products or Services are the Company’s Most Popular
Choosing keywords around popular products or services can help companies capitalize on any marketing campaign momentum already taking place. Businesses within a small niche can achieve strong ranking results by using their most popular products, and crafting keywords around those products. By following this strategy, companies will maintain their current marketing performance and build interest from new clientele while becoming known online for their expertise in the area.
Use Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner helps users analyze precise search volumes for a particular keyword over a set period of time. It’s a tool that will provide traffic estimates for words that company is considering as part of their campaign. Google Keyword Planner users can also see how much competition there is for a certain keyword, therefore helping campaign strategists to discover hidden keywords that offer greater value. To use Google Keyword Planner effectively, it’s important to outline the long-tail keywords associated with the company, its industry and its products and services, and find keywords that have limited competition.
Effective keyword selection is a long-term process that must be measured and managed to ensure continual results. Companies that continually research their SEO campaign performance and commit resources to proactive management are ideally positioned to achieve recurring results from one campaign to the next. To learn more on the SEO keyword selection process, speak with one of our online marketing experts today! Experienced specialists are standing-by to help your firm improve its campaign performance.

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