How to Send Emails that Your Customers Will Care About

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Did you know that over 205 billion emails are sent each day? That’s a lot of emails.
How do you make yours stand out then?
Think about every customer’s relationship with your business. That way, you can send them emails that are truly relevant to them. Here are some ways to make your emails ‘lovable’ for your customers:

  1. 1. Your customers would appreciate it if they see you are doing some segmentation. You don’t just send everyone the same thing. Take time to divide your client base. You can start small by using the RFM guideline:
  • Recency (When your customer bought from you last)
  • Frequency (How often does your customer purchase from you)
  • Monetary Value (How much is spent on your company)

There are other more complex statistical models that you can try but you can start with the ones mentioned.

  1. Make use of automated emails. Yes, a lot of people think that automated emails are just impersonal. But they can also allow you to personalize emails in a way that you cannot do so manually. An example is a welcome email that is send within an hour upon signup. You cannot be on top of these things all the time. The key though is to make sure that you also follow up on responses.


  1. 3. Avoid using “no-reply” email. These are the ones that are often used by start-ups and even big brands for promotional emails. Why should you use one? You can always use an address like “”. That way you can respond to those customers who try to reach out to you for their questions or concerns. It’s very frustrating for customers to not be able to contact a company, especially if they have something important to inquire about.


  1. Perform an A/B test regularly to improve your email, like you would with your landing pages. This way you will find out answers to questions like – “Do my customers like reading an entire post in your email or is a link to a blog post preferable?” or “Is having an image in the blog post email effective?” You can also try variations like using all caps for your subject line, using a “from” address like Alice from This Company, or a different template.


  1. Avoid bloat and stay close to the point. Try to keep your emails simple and offer a single call to action. When you’re writing your email, ask yourself if you would want to read it too. Master your tone and make sure that you use one that is respectful and professional.

Focusing on sending emails that your customers love also means an increase in conversion. So work on capturing the attention of your readers by sending them smarter and more efficient emails, not just more emails. After all, a single effective email is worth more than 10 unopened ones.

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